Rather than grow in to a large multi-disciplinary consultancy, our aim is to provide specialist geotechnical and tunnel engineering consultancy services to contractors and large consultants to enhance and complement the larger multi-disciplinary design teams on challenging projects.

We aim to provide expertise through experienced, high-calibre professionals as well as young and talented engineers with a strong aptitude towards teamwork. By maintaining strong links with industry experts and academic institutions, we are able to offer our clients state-of-the-art solutions at the forefront of ground engineering and technology. Through this business model, we strive to deliver elegant design solutions in a timely and so cost-effective manner.



Engineering excellence

Our engineering designs stand out for their technical excellence. All of our engineers have a strong understanding of multiple design disciplines and believe in the importance of working closely with all teams on a project. This allows everyone to fully understand each other’s requirements and optimises the design outcome.

Client focus and teamwork

We always provide our clients with an integrated and holistic design solution that yields optimal technical and economical results. Our tunnelling designs are not done in isolation. We believe in the importance of close collaboration with all of our clients.

Emphasis on safety

Our engineers have a thorough technical understanding in rock mechanics, geotechnical and structural engineering. They also ensure that numerical modelling results are calibrated with the experience of real performance of similar structures in similar ground conditions. That’s the only way we can feel confident about the safety and soundness of our designs.

On-time and on-budget delivery

All of our engineers have worked on large, global scale projects and have witnessed first hand how quickly project scopes and costs can increase because of unforeseen complexities, unexpected ground conditions or lack of experience. We would never embark on a design without a detailed understanding of the anticipated geology, the project requirements and objectives. That’s why we have a track record of on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

Cost effectiveness

We take pride in the quality of our designs and believe that we provide excellent value for money to our clients. In a very competitive yet challenging industry, we believe that our engineering expertise and customer service truly provide superior value to our clients as we walk the extra mile where and when required.