SCL Underground Structures

Project Breakdown

Project   High Speed 2 Chiltern Tunnels
Location   England, UK
Timeline   2017 – Present
Client   ALIGN-JV
Owner   High Speed 2 Limited
Project Cost   > £100bn
Structure   Twin TBM Tunnels with Cross Passages
Cross-Section   Up to 7m DIA TBM Tunnel
Length   2x 16km Tunnels
Geology   Various Chalk

Key Achievements

Aced the Complex FEA.

Praised by client for quick responsiveness because of our dedicated, agile team. Marco and wowed the client with 3d CAD models. Several optimisations on old processes made and reported in our lecture at the BTS here.

Optimized the Design Profile.

By reducing the design cross section by 10% we helped save over £40 million GBP in construction costs.

Involved from Feasibility to Site Support.

Our Principal Engineer was trusted and consulted by the client from early resource allocation resources to final optimizations.

Services Provided

Bedi Consultants were involved in the detailed design of the SCL works as a specialist sub-consultant.

Responsible for setting up numerical modelling procedures, methodologies and guidelines that would form the basis of the design for the various design teams with members working from various offices around Europe and the UK.

Our role included undertaking, critically reviewing and leading back analysis and calibration studies using monitoring data from past London projects to ensure robust input data and an assured approach was adopted by the design team members. We also engaged as a specialist consultant to advise on, and assist with, production of the SCL specification for the project. Finally, Dr Bedi was consulted as a key member of the SCL innovations team, working together with other industry experts to facilitate optimisation and sustainable linings.

This work led to various advances in SCL approach and technology in London.

Featured Images

Overlay of the cavern design and construction.
Ensuring efficient plant operations.
A challenging tunnel intersection.
Staying close with the team after a long shift.
Illustrating the massive 9m diameter tunnels.
Consulting with on-site staff.

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